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Sandwich Futon / Futon Mattress

Sandwich Futon / Futon Mattress

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Sandwich Futon / Futon Mattress. Handmade mattress from 100% natural materials such as coconut, natural latex and of course, what else since it is a traditional futon mattress, except pure cotton! Handcrafted by skilled artisans as per Japanese tradition. No toxic substances, chemicals (glues) or metal parts (springs). Sleep of course! A sturdy futon mattress adapted to today, but always true to the Japanese tradition of futon mattresses. Choose yours today! Add a soft handmade upper for ultimate comfort, see our relevant page and choose the one that suits you.

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Karup Design

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You can add a topper for extra comfort while maintaining the Futon's support. Also complete with a waterproof cotton cover for longer life.


90x200cm / 120x200cm / 140x200cm / 160x200cm / 180x200cm / 200x200cm

Height: 16cm


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