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Doric TV Bench

Doric TV Bench

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Doric collection has been inspired by the Classical Greek architectural orders. Thus, its vertical grooves evoke the prevailing simplicity and robustness of that period: a search of beauty based on the proportionality of the classical precept of architecture.

  • 100% Made in Spain

About the designer

Cambres Design

The studio is formed by Eric Cambres and Carlos Garcia, both graduates in Industrial Design. The team takes on the new projects of the Company to add their design touch to every new development. Specialized in the furniture industry, both aspire to explore all the other dimensions of the design.

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As in the Classical Era, proportion is ubiquitous in every piece composing of Doric collection, according to the aesthetic approach that defines this collection.


Width: 182
Depth: 48
Height: 42

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