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Edge Bed / Wooden Bed

Edge Bed / Wooden Bed

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Edge Bed / Wooden Bed. The Volo Edge bed by Colombini Casa creates an intimate and comfortable space in every room, ensuring you the deepest sleep and a unique style. When choosing a good bed model, carefully evaluate its dimensions, finishes, shape and style in relation to the rest of the furniture. The beds of the brand, specialized in the production of furniture, are designed to be combined with furniture and accessories of all kinds, such as wardrobes and bedside tables, lampshades and floor lamps. If you are looking for a wooden solution, the model shown in the photo is characterized by quality materials and defining shapes.

  • 100% Made in Italy.
  • Made of first quality Italian Bakelite & Wood.
  • **The price includes an anatomic mattress platform**

Χρόνος Παράδοσης

Από 25 έως 40 ημέρες.

About the designer

Colombini Casa
Italian Design - Designed for you

More info

For the dimensions 90x190cm / 90x200cm / 120x190cm / 120x200cm the bed is produced in all colors.

For the dimensions 160x190cm & 160x200cm the bed is produced in the colors: RW3Q / RG9L / CB6K / GL4R / CA7A / RC3Q / RS4B / GZ8T / LV5T / CQ3Q.


Produced in 6 Dimensions:

: 100x200x120cm (For mattress 90x190cm).

: 100x210x120cm (For mattress 90x200cm).

: 130x200x120cm (For mattress 120x190cm).

: 130x210x120cm (For mattress 120x200cm).

: 170x200x120cm (For mattress 160x190cm).

: 170x210x120cm (For mattress 160x200cm).

Headboard thickness: 2.5cm


Γενική φροντίδα ξύλου: Μην τοποθετείτε καυτά αντικείμενα στα έπιπλα, μην τοποθετείτε κεριά απευθείας στα έπιπλα, σκουπίζετε αμέσως τυχόν χυμένα υγρά με ένα υγρό πανί, ελέγχετε τακτικά εάν οι βίδες και τα εξαρτήματα είναι σφιχτά.

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