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Riva Desk Oak / Wooden Desk

Riva Desk Oak / Wooden Desk

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Riva / Wooden desk with extendable surface in natural wood color. Solid oak legs, front edge and sides. Oak veneer top, rails and sliding worktop. When the sliding work surface is open - the depth of the product increases up to 69 cm. There are holes for the cables under the body.

Χρόνος Παράδοσης

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Knots in natural wood furniture are individual characteristics and a gift of every piece of furniture. No two will look the same. You can expect natural wood surfaces to change over time when they are permanently exposed to climate, sunlight and humidity fluctuations.

General wood care: do not place hot objects on the furniture, do not place candles directly on the furniture, immediately wipe up any spills with a damp cloth, regularly check that screws and fittings are tight.

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